Falasiri Oriental Rugs

At Falasiri’s, we place the world at your feet.

Since 1968

It is unusual to find one of this country’s best selections of oriental carpets in the heart of Florida—but 30 years ago we came south and brought our New York collection with us.

A collection worth visiting

The breath of our inventory will astonish you. For decades we’ve criss-crossed the globe searching palaces, estates and village looms to find pieces that have that extra special “something.” You can go to ten cities and fifty shops and still not find the collection we house under one roof. You really must see it for yourself.

Carpets are our passion

From museum lectures to chats over tea, we love to share. Whether you’re interested in that perfect rug for your living room, or in the adventure of creating a collection, we know you’ll find your visit worthwhile. Bring in a rug to clean or restore, bring in your designer, or just come for a look around, we’ll be happy to help you explore.

Falasiri Oriental Rugs

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